The Secret Sauce: How Customer Service Influenced My Journey

Nurturing Soft Skills for a Fulfilling Career Path in a Dynamic Work Environment

Outback Steakhouse: Where It All Began

It all started at Outback Steakhouse, where I stepped into the bustling realm of waitstaff. As a fresh-faced 18-year-old, I quickly learned that serving hungry patrons was no piece of cake, but boy, did I relish the challenge! Balancing plates like a circus performer and juggling orders with finesse, I became a master of multitasking. And let's not forget the time I accidentally spilled a plate of fries on my unsuspecting boss—oops, talk about adding a dash of surprise to the dining experience!

Luxury Salesman: Providing Exquisite Experiences

But my journey didn't stop there, my friends. Oh no, I had bigger plans and a mischievous twinkle in my eye. I set off on a new adventure as a Luxury Salesman. Picture this: me, a charming salesperson, trying to convince customers that a diamond-encrusted pen was an absolute necessity in their lives. Who knew selling luxury goods could be such a riot?

Interpreter: Bridging Language Barriers

As fate would have it, I found myself in a linguistic labyrinth as an Interpreter at West Group. Now, you might think language translation is a serious business, but let me tell you, humor knows no bounds! Picture a foreign student struggling to understand a complex lecture, and then, like a linguistic superhero, I swooped in with a hilarious metaphor that made everything click. Laughter became the universal language, breaking down barriers and forging connections with a side-splitting twist.

Bar Manager: Crafting Memorable Experiences

The adventure continued as I took on the role of a Bar Manager, where mixology and creativity merged in a delightful cocktail. I became the maestro of mirth, training new employees while infusing moments of lightheartedness into their learning experiences. The bar became my stage, and I orchestrated an exceptional drinks menu that tickled the taste buds and set the scene for unforgettable experiences. The bar's organization was my muse, and I painted a masterpiece of efficiency and indulgence, leaving customers awestruck and thirsting for more.

Head Barista: Brewing Perfection

And then, destiny led me into the aromatic world of coffee as a Head Barista. With a caffeine-fueled wit, I transformed each cup of joe into a delightful experience. Imagine a coffee store filled with the rich aroma of freshly brewed magic and customers eager for their daily dose of caffeinated happiness. As I crafted intricate latte art and brewed the perfect cup, I couldn't resist adding a sprinkle of humor to each interaction.

Volunteering: Making a Difference

Beyond my professional experiences, I dedicated time to volunteer at Viva Rio. It was a fulfilling opportunity to contribute to social services and witness the positive impact an organization can have on a community. From organizing blood donations to fundraising for underprivileged communities, I learned the value of giving back and how small actions can transform lives. My volunteer work taught me the importance of community engagement and social responsibility.

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